Hannes Caspar
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Hannes Caspar

From one thing to another. When you’re in long term relationships there always are this kind of feuds that start with one thing, and then you or your partner say or do something, and it goes to another thing, and then the other one and another one. And it goes on and on, from one bullshit to another, and you just can’t stop because you have so much shit and hurt that you need to get out of your system, so a small sentence turns into a completely giant fight and you feel like you are in some fucking abyss and there’s absolutely no way out. And it all gets dirty and catastrophic. From fucking one thing to fucking another. I hate when and why it happens.

break the rules like an artist


I’m straight out of the sunset baby and you’re falling behind

  1. Favourite Album? Bon Jovi - Greatest Hits
  2. If you could go anywhere in time when would you visit? 1860-1870s or 1950s
  3. Describe the most recent dream you can remember.Don’t remember. The one that pops up is not really recent.
  4. Describe the worst nightmare you’ve ever had.I was killing two oldsters. With an axe. The worst feeling and afterfeeling I’ve ever had.
  5. Three random things you like the smell of.Grass cuttings, moist soil, fruits.
  6. Three things that make you happy. Music, adventures, seeing a smile on a childs face
  7. Three things you like about yourself.I’m a quick learner, I’m many-sided and open-minded.
  8. Describe the worst period (as in time period not vaginal bleeding) of your life. After divorce period. I’ve been living alone thousands miles away from my family, money problems, blah-blah blah. I was completely lost in life. For the first time in my life I understood why some people decide to end their lives.
  9. Describe the best period (again not red death from down town.) Probably my junior year in high school. A happy life of an average teenager. I was in love, I had my friends beside me and my heart haven’t been broken yet. 
  10. If Pokemon were real and you could only have one type which would you own. (no gotta catch ‘em all) Never played pokemon.
  11. Would you rather have living goldfish as nails or cry spaghetti.SPAGHETTI
~   Hannibal Lecter

reaching out
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reaching out

A very sad thing in life is when people stop understanding each other. The sadder thing is them still trying to, but not being able to. And the saddest part that can be is when eventually they give up.

Time does not really heal. It gets you through. Days pass, you start to find yourself breathing. A moment ago you were thinking about that all the time, today its just five times, tomorrow it will be just one. Next week you’ll realize you went through the whole day without even remembering. Some days will be hard. Some days will be very easy. A lot of days will be. And one day you’ll see or hear something, its gonna open the wound. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere, which is even more painful. You forgot about that scar. You forgot its even there. Like you forget about that birthmark on your back because its not in your sight. But its still there. It will always be. Run or not run.

~   E.M. Forster

I was here.

~   Les Brown
~   Hunter S. Thompson
We The Kings
I Like It

from the minute you walked in my life
I’ve never felt so alive

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